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Free Trial Month

Free Trial Month

Digyfy is a new Company and we need to show to the World that we are worth a try! If you are searching for the Perfect Shared Hosting for your Company or Personal Blog, we will help you and provide you a totally Free Trial Month of any of our packages. Setup may be a bit slower because this process is not automized yet.

What is included?

  • Any of Shared Hosting Plan;
  • 24/7 Dedicated Support;
  • Free SSL Certificate for your Domain name;
  • Free Domain name (
  • SSD Disk;
  • cPanel;
  • Softaculous Auto Installer;

How to get a Free Trial Month?

  1. Go to Contact Us Page;
  2. Fill out the Following Form;
  3. Enter Your Domain name;
  4. Enter Your E-mail;
  5. Start Your Message with : “Free Trial Month…”
  6. Wait till our Support Team will answer you!

Thank you and we do appreciate your interest in Shared Hosting Trial Month Opportunity!

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